About the Programme

Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Psychologists strive to understand the roots of behavior from biological and cognitive perspectives to intergroup and interpersonal. In order to do so, psychologists investigate a diverse range of topics including human development at the individual level, behavioral disorders rooted in interpersonal relationships, and socialization processes in groups, just to name a few.

The department of Psychology in Mount Carmel College has its roots in 2015. The department maintains a long term association with the students and encourages individual autonomy, responsiveness to student/parent needs & feedback, and gives ample opportunities for vast exposure to the students. Warm teacher-student relationship renders strong support to the Department. The faculties are eager in developing the knowledge and skill of each and every student through academic and practical exposures.

The Mission and Goal

The mission of the Psychology Department is to train students in psychology in accordance with international standards, including education in the subfields of psychology, application of psychological knowledge, and conducting high quality research. The goal of the department is to contribute to the development of the field and further it as a prestigious discipline.

Features of the Department

  • Well Qualified and Trained Faculty
  • Well Configured Library with lot of rare and modern Psychology references and Digital reference.
  • Well Equipped Psychology Lab with the Facility of one to one Experiment Assistance
  • Computer Lab with SPSS
  • Intercollegiate Fest
  • Seminar, Workshops and Exhibitions
  • Study Tours
  • Special Day Observances and Celebrations
  • Field Study in Collaboration with Schools and Hospitals


The goal of the MSc. Psychology & BSc. Psychology is to introduce students to a wide variety of topics, perspectives, and levels of inquiry to prepare them for postgraduate work in fields such as social, developmental, industrial, education, health, and clinical psychology. In order to offer our students a specialized program most departmental courses are offered exclusively to students registered in the Psychology Department. In order to offer non-psychology students basic psychological knowledge, some psychology courses such as General Psychology, Introduction to the Psychological Science and Understanding Human Social Behavior are offered as electives to students from departments other than psychology.


The department believes that both the teachers & parents share equally, the responsibility of nurturing the future generations. So PTA meets twice in a year. Parents and students are made conversant on the scope and prospects of the subject Psychology at their first day at the college itself.


The curriculum is prescribed by MG University. The department is committed the help the student explore the field of psychology within and beyond the syllabus through classroom teaching, guest lectures, seminars, workshop by eminent Indian and foreign scholars / professionals in the field, screening of movies with discussion, field visits etc.