BSc. Psychology

About the Programme

B.Sc Psychology Programme enable the students to know the wide range of avenues in the field of Psychology especially Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Counseling and so on which help them to select the area of their own interest for further studies.

Credit to the syllabus of MG University, the three year (6-sem) long course in psychology equips the students with an in depth knowledge in various aspects of Psychology. In addition to the theory papers the students have practical papers every year which will give them practical insight into the subjects.

Regular lecture classes, Lab Assistance, Seminars and other innovative teaching techniques are used to make students familiar with advancement of this branch of knowledge. Regular assessment through tests helps students to realize their strength & weakness. Each batch of students is assigned the responsibility of coordinating & conducting one programme every year which in turn gives them opportunity for personality development.The department believes that both the teachers & parents share equally, the responsibility of nurturing the future generations. So PTA meets twice in a year. Parents and students are made conversant on the scope and prospects of the subject Psychology at their first day at the college itself.

Duration of Course

The pogramme shall normally extend over a period of three academic years consisting of six semesters.


The eligibility for admission to BCA Degree Programme under the Mahatma Gandhi University is a pass in Pre-Degree, Plus Two or equivalent examinations.


  • Foundations and Methods of Psychology (Core)
  • Body Systems And Behaviour(Complementary I)
  • Basic Statistics- Paper I (Complementary II)
  • Basic Cognitive Processes (Core)
  • Biological Basis of Behaviour (Complementary I)
  • Statistical Tools- Paper II (Complementary II)
  • Living in the Social World (Core)
  • Neurophysiology of Behaviour- Paper III(Complementary I)
  • Statistical Methods and Elementary Probability- Paper III (Complementary II)
  • Psychology Practicals-I
  • Social Interactions and Human Behaviour (Core)
  • Biophysiology of Behaviour – Paper IV(Complementary I)
  • Statistical Inference- Paper IV(Complementary-II)
  • Psychology Practicals-II PY5CRT13 Abnormal Behaviour (Core)
  • Foundations of Organizational Behaviour (Core)
  • Environmental Psychology and Human Rights
  • Basics of Counseling Psychology(Open Course)
  • Life Skills Development(Open Course)
  • Experimental Psychology (Practical)
  • Experiential learning Project
  • Psychology of Maladaptive Behaviour (Core)
  • Managing Behaviour in Organization (Core)
  • Child Development (Core) Choice-based Core course (Any one to be chosen)
  • Theory and Practice of Counselling (Core)
  • School Psychology
  • Human Resource Development
  • Health Psychology Practicals and Project
  • Psychological Assessment (Practical)
  • Research Project