B.A. English Language and Literature

About the Programme

In any industry, strong English communication and writing ability is a must nowadays. In any business, need communication with people around the world. As English is the world language, English is the only medium through which people can communicate with each other from any part of the world irrespective of region, culture, and caste. As the world is transforming into digital, business people are also concentrating into the digital world which requires English as the medium. The worldwide network or internet is using the English language. A degree in English literature makes you possible to interact with the world very effectively and confidently. The widespread demand of good communication in English offers great career opportunities for graduates in English.

B.A. English or Bachelor of Arts in English is an undergraduate English language course. It is designed to prepare students to understand and use the English language effectively, build vocabulary and introduce them to current ideas and issues.The program aims to introduce a wide range of Literatures in English. In the primary phase, Bachelor of Arts course has the aim to offer the opportunity for students to be able to respond and read to novels of the large spectrum, playing and create poetry with associated genres. At a secondary level, the students will be exposed to wider socio-cultural and political issues in relation to contemporary English literature. This program in English will be serving as an excellent foundation for students who want to do the very deep study.

The Bachelor of Arts [BA] (English) provides a strong background in the study of English. The BA in English program stresses

  • Diversity
  • Literary analysis
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Critical thinking etc.

The programme offered at Mount Carmel College

  • Provides a deep insight into the world of literatures and enables the student to critically appreciate the major literary worksIntroduces the student to the political, social, cultural, economical and intellectual background of the various periods in literary history, thereby enabling him/her to acquire an understanding of life
  • Helps to strengthen the linguistic capabilities of the student through theory and practical sessions.
  • Includes electives that helps the student to identify his/her area of specialization

Why Literature Programme

  • To gain a sound theoretical knowledge both in Literature and allied fields
  • To prepare for UGC – NET examinations
  • To take up research in current topics
  • To take up faculty positions in universities
  • To help aspiring journalists and critics
  • To gain a multicultural exposure
  • To thrive and learn in a competitive environment