The All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of university students with a vision for a new and just society. It is indicated by the abbreviation AICUF.

The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF), a University Student Movement, works through University students who as a team want to do something for their own growth and the welfare of society in which they live in. They draw their inspiration from the person and life of Jesus Christ. The AICUF motto is: "We are born in an unjust society, and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it." Associate membership is given to students of other faiths who share the ideologies of the AICUF as enshrined in its Constitution

AIMS & OBJECTIVESTo cultivate in students a deep and genuine concern for the oppressed and marginalized and to effectively commit themselves to the task of building a new and just society.

To motivate students to become involved in studies, research and activities linked to the broader social issues and struggles with a view to becoming a creative and critical force within the university.

To enable students to play a prophetic role in their communities through a living and critical understanding of their faith, drawing inspiration from the Gospels, the Eucharist and their prayer life.



On Oct 14th, “Snehasparsham” was conducted in alliance with the ‘Wheelchair Users Association’ of Kothamangalam and Muvatupuzha talukto have an interactive session with the students of MCC. We handed over kits containing essentials like food packets, sandals and clothes.

Frosty Fest-Christmas celbration

Frosty Fest, the Christmas celebration of MCC was a huge event of joy and radiance. AICUF was extremely happy to have organized it along with Jesus Youth MCC unit on 22nd Dec 2018.


2019 had an amazing start as far as AICUF is concerned as we witnessed involvement of a huge personality that most of our members admire. Both our college and AICUF unit was really privileged to have Dayabhai with us. On 14th January , Dayabhai talked to our members and made us realize the difficulties and hardships faced by the poor victims of Endosulfan, and pleaded for help and support towards a noble cause of getting them justice. She conducted a play and we were shown a presentation that really touched our hearts. Determined members of the AICUF unit promised her and themselves of lending a helping hand in ways that they might really require. To show our support to the cause , on 25th Jan 2019, AICUF conducted a signature campaign as per the idea put forward by Dayabhai herself. This was to strengthen the already existing case by showing the support from the youth. Around 900 signatures had been collected on a short notice, which was a great achievement for us.

The academic year 2018-19 has been one year filled with numerous activities for the MCC unit of AICUF. We conducted some prestigious events and relief projects.The year witnessed few disasters within our state and our neighboring state. AICUF was able to coordinate and also bring in volunteers among students to help the ones in need by means of providing necessary commodities and lending a helping hand to them.